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Non-NHS private work information and fees

Information for Patients

Why am I being charged for the paperwork I have requested?
Your GP is contracted to work for the NHS to provide a list of medical services to NHS patients.
There is a range of work which is not covered by this contract – these are called non-NHS
services. Since these services are not part of the NHS contract, they may not be done during
the hours your GP is working for the NHS but must be done in the GP’s own time. GP’s have
the right to charge a fee for this time. Please note any GP or the practice can refuse to do any
private work at any time without reason as we are not obliged to offer this service to you.

Do I have the right to demand that my GP does this work for me?
Your GP will do their very utmost to assist patients with private work that is given to them.
However, there is no obligation on them to do it (except for paperwork relating to jury service).
Usually your GP will try their hardest to accommodate all requests, but they have the right to
Why is it taking so long?

Remember: your GP is busy providing medical services to patients under the NHS contract.
The work you have requested has to happen in his/her own time, which may be scarce for
personal or professional reasons. We will try our hardest to turn around private work as
efficiently as possible, but we cannot guarantee the work will always be done as rapidly as
you might hope. We work on a 12-week turnaround but sometimes if matters arise it may
take longer.

Who should I ask about an update of the private work?

You can call the Reception Team on 01925 599855 or complete an e-Consult for an update.
For more information request a call from Beth Wilson (Operations Manager) who co-ordinates
all private work requests

How much will it cost?

This is up to the GP doing the work. Our GP’s charge reasonable fees, which reflect BMA
national guidance, and the time incurred by the GP doing the work. We have a strong
awareness of the financial vulnerability of many of our patients. We are here to support our
patients, not profit from them.


It should be noted that your GP is under no obligation to translate documents or treatment
records submitted in a foreign language into English. An appropriately translated version in
English must be provided to avoid delays in completion.
Where records/forms are submitted in a foreign language the practice may refuse to complete
the work required until such time that a translated version in English is submitted.

What we charge